Welcome to Waves of Grace!

We have moved from Eagle's Wings to Waves of Grace, a Catalina 42 which will extend our winter ocean cruising grounds to the southern Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Please join us on our adventures! We would love to hear from you via cell phone or e-mail and when you get a minute come on down and visit!

Catalina Swap

Catalina Swap
The two gals share a dock at Navy Point. Leaving Eagle's Wings was bittersweet, but new adventures await us on Waves of Grace.

Oswego, Lock 8

We arrived in Oswego on May 7th and had our mast put up at the Oswego Marina along with two other sailboats. The wind yesterday was gusting to 30 knots so we stayed on the wall in Fulton because it's not fun to lock through in high winds. A gale watch was in effect for Friday-Saturday with winds gusting to 55 knots and 8-10' waves on Lake Ontario. We motored back to Sodus Bay and arrived safely back at Katlynn Marine at 5:00 just 5 hours before the predicted storm hit. Praise God for another safe return home to our fresh water cruising grounds.

Wateerford & Lock 2 5/4/2010

Last night we spent our last night with our buddy boat, Mystic, at the free docks in Waterford. They bought the 10-day Erie Canal Pass and are going to slow down and enjoy themselves! We left this morning at 7:00 to start the Erie Canal. This is the first lock, but it's number is 2 as the Troy Lock used to be number 1 but is now a Federal Lock. We encountered great weather all day except for a downpour near Amsterdam. We locked thru 11 locks and went 50 miles. Ranger is exhausted.....

Catskill Creek 5/2/2010

Ronnie and Dawn met us Sunday at Catskill Creek. They brought all of our wood for our mast which is being taken down at Hop O Nose Marina tomorrow morning at 8:00. We shared dinner together and then we hung out at the dock and enjoyed the 90 degree weather. What a treat!

Pirate Ships on the Hudson

NYC Outside Run

It took us 31 hours to motor-sail down the Delaware, out past Jersey all night, and then up the Hudson to the Nyack Yacht Club where we anchored. Everything worked out right....the wind blew 15-18 knots off the beam, there was a beautiful full moon, the ocean was flat and when we entered NYC the current was with us! We were pretty tired however, and went to bed at 7:00. This is a photo of the George Washington Bridge and the Little Red Lighthouse.