Welcome to Waves of Grace!

We have moved from Eagle's Wings to Waves of Grace, a Catalina 42 which will extend our winter ocean cruising grounds to the southern Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Please join us on our adventures! We would love to hear from you via cell phone or e-mail and when you get a minute come on down and visit!

Catalina Swap

Catalina Swap
The two gals share a dock at Navy Point. Leaving Eagle's Wings was bittersweet, but new adventures await us on Waves of Grace.

Last Tennis 3/3/2015

We have played tennis five days a week for the last 4 months here in Marathon at the community courts adjacent to the mooring field.  Here is Walt with Coach Bill and a former tennis pro, Ray, who is 87 years old and still playing every day!  Wow, Florida keeps you young!

Butterfly Museum-Key West

We drove to Key West Feb. 26th with Sharon & Darik from Y-Knot.  Sharon and I spent over 2 hours in the Butterfly Museum on Duval Street and later met the guys for lunch at Schooners in the old harbor.  Walt was checking on the dinghy dock and anchorage as we are sailing the boat here in March on our way to the Dry Tortugas.

Miami Boat Show 2/12-13 2015

This year we spent two days at the Miami Strictly Sail Boat Show with Sharon and Darick from
 Y-Knot.  All day Thursday we visited yachts at the Bayside Miamarina where parking was only $10  at the arena parking garage.  It was a real slow drive from Marathon, though, traffic was just crawling around Miami......But the trip was worth it and we spent many hours walking through the large sailboats and catamarans.  On Friday we went to the Convention Center to view the equipment and extras that every boat owner needs!  We saw one boat with a wine cellar.....so we went to the Cupcake wine tasting event at the Convention Center.

Sand, not snow

This Valentine's Day the northeast was digging out of yet another winter blizzard....blowing snow, sub zero temps, and ice.  It's been brutal in New York and Cape Cod.  Here in the Keys the temps have been in the mid-60's with lows into the 50's at night.  When the wind is not blowing, Sombrero Beach is still the place to be!

Birthday Bash

We decided to celebrate all 8 of our birthdays every year during the first week of February by having a progressive boat dinner.  Each boat hosted a different part of our meal ending with a fun gift exchange on Yasmine Ann-the dessert boat.

Fiesta Key 1/27-29/2015

We took a road trip this week to visit our good friends, Don and Stella, who have been hiding out from the cold and snow in New York at a great condo in Fiesta Key just south of Bradenton.  Fiesta Key is a beautiful resort community situated on a very wide and stunning Gulf of Mexico beach.  We decided to tour Mixon Orchards where we learned about orange groves and then tasted orange swirl ice cream.  Included on the tour was an up close introduction of some Florida wildlife including crocodiles, alligators, and an 80 pound, 11 foot python.........

Car vs boat bikes

It's always a dilemma for us .......use our boat bikes for transportation here in Marathon or bring our car down from Green Cove Springs near Jacksonville.  The bikes give us a great workout especially on Sundays when we bike 12 miles round trip to church.  The bikes are fun to ride and there are lots of bike paths and sidewalks near us.  But this year we decided to bring the car down and yes, we have not put on as many bike miles as usual but we've been able to explore the Keys more than ever.  One of our favorite spots is Key Colony.  We've discovered the great early bird special at the Key Colony Inn for $14.95 which includes wine, salad, entree and dessert!  Now that's a deal!  Two weeks ago we attended an open house for a 3 million dollar home on Hawk Channel in Key Colony.  Then we drove to Duck Key and toured the upscale Hawk's Cay Marina and Resort.  The beach, pool, and tennis courts were very inviting!

And there were 7 on the boat.....

We hosted our two daughters, our son-in-law and two grandchildren for 10 days on Waves of Grace for Christmas.  Bonnie & Sid generously offered Stacey a bed on FIU since they were away for the holidays and we were tight for space.  But we had plenty of room for all 7 around our table for dinner every night.  Anna & Ryan kept us all busy at Sombrero Beach, Sombrero Reef, Sunset Tiki pool, and the Dolphin Research Center.  Stacey & I visited the Turtle Hospital which gave a wonderful tour.  All of our family members have returned to the chilly northeast.......and we seem to have a much bigger 42' sailboat than we did last week!

Christmas in the Keys

Marathon is a very special place to be during Christmas.  There is no snow but there is magic everywhere.....like the miniature railroad set up at the local Home Depot that took five men four hours to assemble or the prayer gardens at San Pablo Catholic Church that is lit by thousands of lights decorated lovingly by parishioners.  The sunsets at the Seven Mile Bridge are always wonderful any time of the year!

The Keys........12/11/2014

Our youngest son, Steven, is visiting us this week in the Keys.  He has been getting tennis lessons every day from Coach Bill and enjoying the challenge of trying to beat Mom and Dad on the courts.  Yesterday we sailed Hawk Channel in 15-23 knot breezes, dodging the crab pots that were everywhere.  Today there was no wind so we headed to Sombrero Reef where the views were breathtaking.  Steve snorkeled but it was so calm that Walt & I could see all the fish and the coral right from the boat.  There were yellow tail snappers, gray snappers, sergeant majors, eels, sharks, and sea turtles-amazing!